Niecy Nash Shocks Daughter During Her Attempt At TikTok’s Scholarship Prank

Chile, at this point TikTok challenges and pranks are popping up like weeds in an abandoned backyard. The latest prank in the spotlight involves a little lying and a whole lot of bravery. Hollywood actress Niecy Nash recently showed her Instagram followers what happens when your mama is two steps ahead of the foolery.

So, why bravery? Well, if our elders taught us anything it’s that telling stories is unacceptable. And that’s exactly what the scholarship prank requires. TikTok users tap on their parents or grandparents for help earning a scholarship worth thousands. Typically, it’s a college scholarship.

The parent or grandparent sits next to their scholarship applicant. While filming, the applicant usually begins describing their inspiration or life hardships. Then, they drop a bomb. The most popular one thus far has been the “my mother/grandmother was a prostitute.”

The reactions are far from average. Some parents and grandparents ride it out, even adding to the lie, in hopes of helping their baby. Others fall back on that “no telling stories” mindset and immediately fuss and sometimes cuss.

Niecy’s daughter Dia Nash recently tried her hand and attempted to pull the prank on her mama. Dia, who’s the spitting image of Niecy, is seen on camera in what looks like a closet. Niecy is seen tinkering with a wall of heels in the background, while Dia sits on a nearby couch.

First, Dia introduces herself on-camera, then she invites Niecy to do the same. They both state where they’re from– Los Angeles, California. Then, Dia jumps right into it.

“Basically, just growing up my mom really had to work hard,” Dia says as Niecy continues organizing behind Dia. “And she actually prostituted a lot.”

Almost immediately, Niecy’s head snaps up and looks at Dia’s phone. Dia tries to maintain the moment looking backwards at her mom twice.

“Yeah, she actually was…them thangs was thanging,” Dia says.

Niecy doesn’t miss a beat responding “But how did you know, who told you that, your daddy told you that.” Her facial expression is what sells the flip of the script and sends Dia into a playful meltdown.

“That’s not funny,” Dia responds in a solemn tone.

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